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During our one week or two week learning retreats, LGBTQIA+ are provided a safe place to talk, explore self-discovery and make the changes that will give them the foundational structure to flourish. Our retreats provide Ontological development and coaching designed to expand critical thinking to have you see with the use of new distinctions and lenses.


The retreat sessions facilitate participants to unlock a greater sense of self, a expansive self-awareness is critical in an individual’s capacity to self-actualize and thereby one’s capacity to self-direct towards a meaningful and fulfilled life. Learning and mastering one’s ability to create embodied ways of being that align to the what's so and or to what’s required to create the life we all say we want will be a skill that will benefit throughout one’s life.


And for young adults, as youth move into young adulthood how they view the world, the Observer that they are, the interpretations they make about themselves, each other and the world they live in has a significant impact on the outcomes they produce. How they view the world significantly impacts all of their current and future decisions and is a determinant of the future to which they can and will create for themselves.  


The retreats are designed for LGBTQIA+ looking to:

  1. Reframe, refocus and realign their thinking from impossibility to possibility

  2. Community who support what you say you want for yourself

  3. People committed to being honest, authentic and leading a life of integrity

  4. Uncover your assessments, assertions and default core self-assessments in order to have greater self-awareness and to have the opportunity to see yourself, others differently – more aligned to living actuality vs the lens you see through

  5. Learn where, how and how often your assessments show up to create clarity and alignment on taking actions based on what you want

  6. Reveal the source of past actions and behavior to facilitate new actions 

  7. Create transformational learning by discovering the observer you are and how you see the world to dynamically shift the actions you are taking

  8. Develop self-awareness and social-emotional skills

  9. Shift into acceptance and eventually hope and optimism

  10. Restore confidence and increase self-efficacy while developing greater resilience  

  11. Practice new and more effective habits that will support them in achieving their goals



The benefit of the retreats are:

  1. Provides access to transparencies in the background that are producing blind spots and have access to see what you would not otherwise be able to see 

  2. Opportunity to shift your body, emotions and language to create alignment with more of what you say you want which creates a new coherency if repeated enough times

  3. Learn the distinctions of assessments, assertions and default core assessments which provides a new lens and a new way to differentiate

  4. Empowered with choice because what is in the background that was concealed is now revealed and you can now actively choose where and how to shift

  5. Increased level of happiness and performance

  6. Creates greater empathy and compassion for yourself and others because discovering your unique lenses facilitates you realizing others are living into theirs as well

  7. Greater levels of efficiency and preparedness

  8. Clarity on how pervasive and insidious the limitations of your assessments are 

  9. Lower levels of stress and burnout

  10. Greater accuracy and care in decision making and reduce effort to get things done

  11. Freedom to move out of old habits and paradigms

  12. Increased work effectiveness and productivity

  13. Greater success in the arenas of work, health, sociability and creativity

  14. Access to joy, self-compassion, befriending and loving one self



Contact us to sponsor a retreat, or partner with us to organize a retreat or be a participant in a retreat.

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