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We are currently open for enrollment and actively accepting potential candidate names to our waitlist for one of our No-Charge Ontological Learning Programs with an expected Launch late of first quarter of 2024


The unexamined self can have you siloed to the default future you are living now. We call these 'ontological drifts'. What's required is a break from these default drifts. A break in cognitive blindness and bias. 


You’ve been being in the world as yourself up until this point. This is an invitation to stop and see how you’ve been showing up in your life, or in some cases not. To see the mechanisms at play that have you showing up the way you do. And to finally step into a new way of being that is in alignment with the future you say you want.


As part of life, you have default habituated, conditioned ways of being. These default ways of being aren’t ‘wrong.’ They have helped you create the very experience of the life you have now. But in order to move forward or in a direction you desire, you must be able to discern where it is that you are empowered with choices and where it is you are already deciding. As human beings we experience cognitive blindness as blind spots, or ontological transparencies. As part of our shared humanity we are all looking out into the world making interpretations with cognitive bias. A pervasive and critical mistake, we often times don’t know that we have made an interpretation and we live that interpretation as if it’s the what’s so. Until we are able to see these areas of blindness, it's Groundhog Day. 


We base our assumptions about ourselves, the world we live in and those who share the world with us on narratives that we knowingly and unknowingly inherited and it’s our inattention to examine these narratives that keep these messages internalized and collapsed with our identities. When we examine our inherited narratives, the messages we received from our families, our culture, our upbringing, our professions, that tell us: we won't measure up, that change is just too scary or difficult, that events or other people are thwarting our efforts, that we don't have enough time, enough resources, enough ability to achieve the outcomes we desire, that we aren’t enough and never will be, we begin to dismantle the truth of who we are and the authentic power we have over the design of our own lives. 


In our learning partnership, with the power of ontological distinctions we will discover a narrative within that empowers you to be the best version of yourself. We’ll explore how to align yourself to this possibility filled living actuality that will have you make a real impact on what you want to accomplish. 


By giving you new frameworks for showing up in the world, you are as the observer will be supported in creating new observations, making new actions available, and creating the possibility for a more fulfilling life with a freer, more effective sense of self.  You’ll be ready to embrace opportunity and launch yourself on a path that best suits who you are and what matters to you. 


Our programs create a shift in being (embodied change) through collective ontological learning, self-discovery, allyship, and valuing difference as the cornerstone of empowerment and developing self-agency.


If you are someone who would like an opportunity to dive deeper into their inner-worlds with the intention to recognize the moments where you are at “choice” - the precise moment where you are empowered, and your life’s possibilities are born, we encourage you to add your name to our waitlist to be considered a candidate for one of our Ontological Learning Programs. Use button below. 

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